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4 Myths About Feet

Your feet and ankles are an important part of your body, yet there are many myths and misconceptions regarding their care. Some of these misunderstandings an harmless, but others could lead to unhealthy foot-care habits. Here are four myths about feet, and the truth behind them:


  1. Shoes cause bunions

The truth is that bunions are generally genetic, so you can thank your parents and grandparents for your bunions. Your shoes may make your bunions hurt, but they do not cause them.


  1. Corns have roots that you must dig out

Corns are simply thickened pads of skin that occur when a toe knuckles push against your shoe. If your corns cause you pain, you should see your doctor for treatment, but don't try to cut the corn off, dig the root out, or file it down. This may cause more pain and serious health concerns.


  1. You can't walk with a foot fracture

Depending on the location of your foot or ankle fracture, you may be able to leave the crutches at home and walk. Only your doctor can determine the extent of your foot fracture, so don't self-diagnose. Take it easy on your foot, apply ice, and see your doctor for treatment.


  1. Notching toenails will prevent ingrown toenails

Not only is this a myth, but it could actually make your ingrown toenail worse. Toenails should be cut straight across, and if you are unsure of how to do it, ask your foot doctor or pedicurist to give you pointers. You could actually prevent this painful condition by ignoring this myth.


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