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A New Way to Treat Injury Related Inflammation

Everyone deals with joint and extremity ailments throughout their life. Whether you’re living an active lifestyle and always on the go, or you simply sprain your ankle on the way to the train station. Often times we can use a simple anti-inflammatory medicine to treat any swelling that occurs from injuries and ailments, but there are times when that isn’t enough to reduce the symptoms.

At Dr. Jeffrey J. Betman and Associates we are utilizing a new product to treat heel pain, plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, and many other inflammatory ailments and injuries.  AmnioFix Sports Med is an injectable allograft that:

  • Modulates Inflammation
  • Reduces Scar Tissue
  • Enhances Healing

This wonderful new product is a dehydrated human amnio/chorion membrane. What does that actually mean? It means that it contains 226 different growth factors and collagens which are the building blocks to enhance healing.

If physical therapy hasn’t helped reduce your symptoms, or if you’re looking for a Non-Steroidal option (or have reached your steroid injection limit), then AmnioFix is a great option to consider for healing and treating your inflammation from injury.

To learn more and schedule an appointment, please call our office. We offer the treatments you need to get back on your feet again. Call 1-866-366-8725 today.

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