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Signs You Are Suffering From Poor Circulation

Poor circulation is a common condition in which blood flow throughout the body is limited, particularly to areas like the hands and feet. If untreated, it can lead to more severe problems like kidney damage or a stroke. Learn how to spot the signs of poor circulation, so you can treat the problem before it becomes serious.

Numbness and Cramping in the Hands and Feet

Often the earliest signs of poor circulation, numbness and cramping often affect the hands and feet before any other symptoms arise. You may notice swelling or achiness as well.

Tired and Achy Legs

If your legs become tired or achy after standing or sitting for long periods, and you feel temporary relief when elevating or moving them, this is an indicator that blood is not moving effectively through your limbs. Swollen legs are also an indicator. If you press the skin above your ankle firmly and it does not bounce back immediately, this is an indicator of pitting edema, a symptom of poor circulation.

Loss of Mental Acuity

The mind often suffers when blood flow to the brain is reduced. Watch out for memory loss or forgetfulness, lethargy, and headaches.

Slowed Healing Time

If you have wounds that are healing more slowly than normal, or not at all, this is often an indicator of poor circulation. This occurs frequently on the feet, particularly in diabetics, and untreated wounds or sores that become infected can become so severe that amputation is necessary. Contact your doctor if you feel you may be at risk.

If you notice a symptom of poor circulation, see your doctor immediately, as symptoms often worsen with time, and can lead to blood clots and other dangerous health problems.

For more information about poor blood circulation, please be sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions section of our website, and search for poor blood circulation.

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