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  • Dealing With Athlete's Foot
    Athlete's foot is one of the most common fungal infections of the skin and is frequently seen in our office. Whether you've had it or not, it's important to understand Read more
  • What is a Crush Injury?
    What is a Crush Injury? Have a foot crush injury? A crush injury occurs when pressure or force is put on a body part. A foot crush injury may cause pain, Read more
  • Treating a Sprained Ankle
    An ankle sprain occurs when the foot rolls or twists to the point where a ligament inside stretches beyond its normal capacity. Ankle sprains are extremely common, with an estimated Read more
  • What is Sesamoiditis?
    What is Sesamoiditis? Sesamoids are small bones that are only connected to tendons or surrounded in muscle. This only appears in a few places in the body, one of which is Read more
  • How To Prevent Ingrown Toenails
    Ingrown toenails may begin mildly but can quickly go from bad to worse. This frustrating and painful condition can affect anyone and cause significant issues. Unlike other foot-related conditions, which Read more
  • Treating Toenail Fungus
    Treating toenail fungus Toenail fungus--it's one of the most common podiatric problems children, teens, and adults have. Causing thickened, yellow, brittle nails, onychomycosis (the medical name for toenail fungus) spreads easily Read more
  • What Causes Warts?
    What Causes Warts? Got foot warts? Nearly everyone will have a wart at some point in their lives. Warts are typically small, hard skin growths caused by an infection with humanpallilloma Read more
  • Treating Heel Spurs
    Have you been experiencing any heel pain or bothersome tenderness without any obvious cause? Although heel spurs themselves sometimes do not cause acute discomfort, they are frequently associated with the Read more
  • Types of Custom Orthotics
    Custom orthotics are removable shoe inserts that provide greater arch support and stability to the feet and ankles. There are different types of orthotics available depending on the issue and Read more
  • Trustworthy Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment in Chicago
    The staff at the offices of Dr. Jeffrey J. Betman & Associates brings two important characteristics to the table – the credentials and the care you need. We have more Read more
  • Treatment of Fungus Toenails
    We can eliminate toenail fungus! If you are suffering from toenail fungus, the staff at Dr. Jeffrey J. Betman & Associates understands how embarrassed you may feel about showing your feet Read more
  • What Causes Warts and How Can They Treated?
    There are many different kinds of warts, and some of them, like plantar warts, can show up on your feet or ankles. If you have warts, you may be wondering what Read more
  • Heel Spur Treatments in Chicago
    Heel Spur Treatments in Chicago At Dr. Jeffrey J. Betman and Associates, our staff understands the agony associated with heel spurs all too well. Since our offices first opened, we have Read more
  • Plantar Fasciitis Treatments in Chicago
    THERAPEUTIC RESOLUTIONS FOR YOUR WORST PAIN Dr. Betman and Associates specializes in the treatment of plantar fasciitis. The plantar fascia is a ligament that supports the arch of your foot, and repeated Read more
  • Signs You Are Suffering From Poor Circulation
    Poor circulation is a common condition in which blood flow throughout the body is limited, particularly to areas like the hands and feet. If untreated, it can lead to more Read more
  • Dr. Betman Television Appearance
    Dr. Betman recently went on Chicago TV to be interviewed about heel pain and treatment modalities.     Read more

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