July 10, 2017
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Heel Spur Treatments in Chicago

At Dr. Jeffrey J. Betman and Associates, our staff understands the agony associated with heel spurs all too well. Since our offices first opened, we have treated numerous patients with a wide range of foot conditions and can do the same for you. Our board-accredited physicians are experts in heel pain therapy and can work toward providing you with quality treatment options. Our trusted medical professionals look forward to relieving your pain.

Contact one of our locations if:

  • You have heel pain
  • Have had heel spurs in the past
  • Have any other foot related concern

Common Heel Spur Symptoms

Heel spurs are calcium deposits that accumulate under your heel and can cause intermittent or chronic pain. Sharp pains can also occur when you stand up after long periods of sitting or sleeping. Most cases may require minor lifestyle adjustments and other non-invasive treatments. Trust our Chicago heel pain specialists to prescribe the best treatment plan for you!

Please contact us for quality heel spur treatment.


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